Fire protection expertise


We advise on all aspects of fire protection: project management and supervision for new projects, creation of tenders for fire protection equipment.
We create fire defence concepts for businesses according to local and regional regulations.

A fire protection concept includes the following:

  • Access and through routes, workspace for fire department in an emergency
  • Verification of required water supply and volumes for fire fighting purposes
  • Inspection, positioning and assembly of fire fighting water storage units
  • Internal and external fire retarding systems – sealing/partitions i.e. Fire fighting areas
  • Max. users per unit
  • Position and assembly of the units
  • Ventilation systems
  • Smoke/fume and heat extracting systems
  • Alarm installations
  • Measuring of units and equipment for fire fighting purposes
  • Emergency power supply
  • Hydrant plan and visualisation of protected areas
  • Fire detection installations
  • Fire department plans for the company and local fire brigade
  • Company measures on fire protection
  • Regional building regulation requirements
  • Calculation methods for the determination of fire resistance class according to fire protection engineering standards


New buildings

We create individual fire protection surveys for new and existing buildings according to regional regulations (BauPrüfVO). These are of special importance for companies at increased risk.